Why Buy From Us?

We actually care about your health, and this is why...

You'd be forgiven for thinking that working in the fitness industry would contribute to helping clients become healthier. Unfortunately, for us, our experience was the opposite.

After witnessing limited results from mainstream nutrition and lifestyle advice year upon year, we stumbled across a small charity that were helping people manage chronic diseases in a very different way. A team of health professionals, ‘renegades’ that had decided to get together and use nutrition and exercise as their prescribed therapy. The results we witnessed were staggering which quickly emphasised how powerful food and exercise can be if prescribed correctly.

Trying to provide a protein supplement to help the group recover after exercise was near impossible because the high street options were nothing but chemical-laden concoctions. This clearly highlighted how appalling the food industry is with processed foods, low-fat fads, and fast, sharp, short-term fixes recommended as our staple diet.

Misinformation was endless and quality food products we could trust were sparse. 

Something had to change and our solution was two-fold:

  1. To create a unique range of natural ‘real-food’ supplements that would be genuinely beneficial to your health. A family-friendly range of superfoods that we could use, our families could use, real products that you can actually trust.

  2. To understand exactly why the mainstream nutrition and lifestyle advice is not working and discover what it really takes to experience long-lasting health. 

In early 2009, 180 Nutrition launched Australia’s first natural protein superfood. It offered an easy way to feed your body with whole food ingredients, supporting your health goals in a time where our busy lives are filled with quick-fix solutions and rising stress. 

But 180 Nutrition is more than just a range of products. 

We’re about education, simplicity and authenticity. Each week we connect with the world’s best health experts via our video podcast series – The Health Sessions

It’s here where we engage with thought leaders around the globe, challenge conventional thinking and share our discoveries along the way. Right now we’ve interviewed hundreds of guest experts and are celebrating over 2.5 million downloads and counting. 

180 Nutrition is nutrition, education, and a holistic approach to long-lasting health for everyone.

We’re proud to be ‘fuelled by nature’ and backed by science.

Guy Lawrence & Stuart Cooke
Founders & Directors
180 Nutrition