About Us

We're pretty lucky to be blessed with such a diverse and passionate team here at 180 Nutrition. Co-founders Guy Lawrence and Stu Cooke do their best to steer the ship and are driven to help people become the best versions of themselves - and they love a challenge. This task is only made easier by the support and guidance of the trusted 180 team.

Guy Lawrence
Co-Founder & Director

Guy likes to think of himself as a bit of a resource where health and nutrition is concerned - and rightly so. He has a long career as a health and fitness coach and is also partial to a bit of public speaking (some say he loves the sound of his own voice). He loves to talk about ice baths, meditation, mindset and CrossFit and will happily engage in a conversation about food, just don’t broach the subject of sugar!

Stuart Cooke
Co-Founder & Director

As the unofficial ‘better half’ of 180, Stuart is as busy at home as he is at the office. As a father of three young daughters he is deeply aware of the importance of nutritional education from an early age. Outside of the office he’ll be found in his wetsuit surfing at the Pass in Byron Bay. (Some say escaping the madhouse at home). Jokes aside, the team are constantly evolving 180 Nutrition in the hope of improving the overall health, wellbeing and awareness of their customers.

Angela Greely
Business Manager & Nutritionist

Angela’s journey in food and nutrition began while trying to find effective treatments for her own allergies and IBS symptoms. After falling in love with naturopathic nutrition and the philosophies of treating the whole person and food as medicine she studied nutritional medicine at Nature Care College in Sydney. She loves applying her knowledge to her family. When she’s not working you will mostly find her on adventures with her two little boys, head deep in nutrition articles or at the gym.

Christine Therese Ponse
Customer Support

Christine feels like supporting 180 is more pleasure than work, because she finds joy in being a part of a company that’s about health and wellness which she strongly believes everyone should never take for granted. She believes that everyone deserves to live a happy, healthy and meaningful life, and the vital factors to be in that state is to never stop learning something new, have a purpose, and always find ways to stay in good shape.